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Höfner Gold Label

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For those seeking something special, out of the ordinary, different, beautiful then our Gold Label guitars and basses are for you.

Gold Label instruments are either individual pieces or very small runs, usually of no more than six pieces. We create Gold Label guitars and basses using special woods or paint finishes. They are exceptional instruments, all hand made in the workshops at Hagenau, Germany, by our master craftsmen. Some might say they are works of art.

Höfner Gold Label

Wine Red "Leipzig" bass.

Höfner Gold Label

Surf Green Gold Label Club Bass.


Each Gold Label instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed off by the craftsman who completed it and gave it a final polish. He will have paid exceptional attention to detail ensuring that the guitar or bass is faultless, that the fretwork is perfect, the finish gleaming and everything is in perfect order. Only then will it be placed in its case ready for its lucky owner.

Höfner Gold Label

 Matt Black Gold Label bass.

We keep a stock of special hardware for Gold Label instruments. This includes special finish control panels, non-standard knobs, vintage style pickups and more. For example some basses are finished using the famous Höfner "Toaster" pickups, these being replicas of the much loved design from 1960. You'll find these rarities only on Gold Label guitars and basses.

You will find that some Gold Label basses use the names of famous German cities. These names tell you about the type and configuration of the pickups used.

Munich: Twin "Toaster" 518B pickups close spaced.
Frankfurt: Twin "Toaster" 518B pickups normal spaced.

Hanover: Twin "Staple" 511B pickups close spaced.
Berlin: Twin "Staple" 511B pickups normal spaced.

Leipzig: Twin "Cavern" 510B pickups close spaced.
Dresden: Twin "Cavern" 510B pickups normal spaced.

Höfner Gold Label A Berlin model bass with Nussbaum wood and natural top/neck.

Gold Label

Gold Label New Committe Guitar.

You can order a Gold label instrument from any Höfner dealer. There are though some principal Gold Label dealers who regularly carry stock and have exceptional product knowledge. If you are interested in a Gold Label guitar or bass consider contacting the dealers below.



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