Deluxe Gitarrentasche

The Deluxe Gitarrentasche.

The Hofner guitar bags in the Deluxe range come in a range of sizes to suit all Hofner guitars.

  • H61/4-BK (or BL) is suitable for all full size classical guitars with a scale length of 64-66cm. It also fits the Hofner Grand Concert steel string acoustic.
  • H61/6-BK is suitable for Hofner steel string acoustics Dreadnought and Grand Auditorium.
  • H61/8-BK is suitable for Hofner steel string acoustics Jumbo and 12 string.
  • H61/9 is suitable for the Hofner acoustic bass guitar.
  • H61/20-BK is suitable for Hofner solid body electric and Club guitars.
  • H61/22-BK is suitable for Hofner semi-acoustic guitars.
  • H61/VB-BK is suitable for Hofner Violin Basses.

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