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Höfner FX Pedals and Amplifiers

Handmade in Europe

We produce a range of boutique limited edition FX pedals built to the very highest standard and tuned for exceptional sound quality. The whole range is styled with great retro 60s appeal and include stunning graphics, Höfner "Teacup" knobs and each is fitted with a genuine 1960s Höfner raised gold logo.

The pedals are all designed with those guitarist and bassist who wish to achive brilliant sound with an FX pedal but with the minimum of fuss and bother setting it up. The controls are simple, classic and easy to use to quickly dial in the sound you require. You don't need to consider hundreds of possible multi button options to get the perfect sound with a Höfner FX pedal.

Our Little Fury 15 watt all valve amplifier is designed to offer true vintage tone and style. Handmade and hand wired in Europe it compliments the style of our FX pedals perfectly. Perfect for home, studio and stage!

The range of pedals include:

  • Bass Fuzz - the perfect creamy bass fuzz
  • Hold on Tight - bass overdrive and equalizer
  • Press to Compress - classic compressor
  • Sound of the 60s - easily produce that classic 60s twang
  • Time and Again delay
  • Tremaluxe classic tremolo
  • Overdrive - twin channel for smooth or fierce distortion
  • Treble Boost - the classic 60s boost sound


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All pedals in the range are true bypass.

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