Handmade Bass Fuzz Pedal

Product number: HP-BF
Handmade Bass Fuzz Pedal




We planned this pedal, with a vintage fuzz circuit, specifically for the bass guitar. However, guitar players have also achieved exceptional tones with the pedal.

At its heart are 2 very rare NOS (New Old Stock) Russian germanium transistor. These give the special, organic, vintage sound. We paid special attention to ensure that all components of the fuzz circuit are original and authentic from the 1960’s.

During development we listened to vintage recordings and current bass lines so as to produce a pedal that is equally good for players of all genres. The pedal compliments a Höfner bass giving sounds like the fuzzy bass of “Think for Yourself”, while with a modern bass guitar it sounds like a stoner bass of the 1990’s.

A creamy low level of fuzz can be increased to a cutting full on roar from your bass allowing you to punch through the rest of the band if necessary.

The Volume pot change the output signal. With the Bass pot you can filter the low frequencies. The Fuzz pot affects the amount of distortion.

We recommend this pedal for all bass players who want to experiment with fuzz bass sound whether that be low level distortion or aggressive cutting total fuzz.

True bypass.

Each pedal is finished with a genuine 1960s raised Höfner logo.



Case: Metal
Controls: Volume, Bass, Fuzz
Input: 1/4 jack
Output: 1/4 jack
Power: 9V adaptor (not supplied) or 9V battery
True bypass: Yes
Transistors: Germanium
  Specifications subject to change



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