Handmade "Time and Again" Analog Delay Pedal

Product number: HP-AD
Handmade Analog Delay Pedal



TIME AND AGAIN – Analog delay/Echo pedal:

Each pedal is individually handmade to bring you a truly authentic sound. The “Time and Again” pedal was designed to deliver genuine analogue delay, giving superior sound to your performance. The three controls  let you easily create the perfect delay without compromise to your overall tone. This is genuine controllable delay, not a series of wobbly echoes, with a totally smooth tone.

The Time And Again is a classic, vintage, warm sounding analog delay pedal. This pedal is able to produce delay times ranging from 30 to 300 Milliseconds. It’s got three dials with adjustments for Echo, Feedback and Blend. The Time And Again has a very rich, full sound, thanks to its all-analog circuit that uses a “bucket-brigade device” (BBD) to create the delay effect. Capable of a wide range of tones from doubling to quick slapback to long repeating echoes, the character of the BBD effect is distinctly different from digital delay, which tends to be very crisp and defined. The heart of this circuit is the famous and very rare MN3005 BBD chip. So this circuit is 100% analog.

The Echo pot changes the time of the delay. With the Feedback pot you can change the repeats from one to endless, oscillating delay and with the Blend knob you can add the delay effect to the clean signal path.

True bypass.

Each pedal is finished with a genuine 1960s raised Höfner logo for an extra touch of luxury!



Case: Metal
Controls: Echo, Feedback, Blend
Input: 1/4 jack
Output: 1/4 jack
Power: 9V adaptor (not supplied) or 9V battery
True bypass: Yes
  Specifications subject to change



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