Violin Bass "Berlin" - Surf Green

Product number: GL-VBB-SG-0
The famous 500/1 Violin Bass in stunning surf green.



Flag Handmade in Germany.

The famous 500/1 Violin Bass in a stunning surf green finish.

A great choice if you don't want traditional sunburst!  It is built using the classic components that make the sound of the Violin bass unique, a fully hollow body, set in neck and a cantilevered fingerboard. It will deliver that deep bottom end so famous since the 1960s and only found on a true Höfner bass. Fitted with flatwound strings specifically designed for Höfner short scale 30" bass guitars you can plug in and straightaway achieve that retro sound.

Being hollow bodied it is very lightweight, yet well balanced and is perfect for long playing sessions late into the night without back and shoulder strain.

It comes in a luxury Höfner case.

Gold Label instruments are small runs or even single pieces with special finishes, colours or components. They are specially prepared and finished by our master luthiers in the workshops of Höfner in Hagenau, Germany. Each piece comes with a Gold Label certificate of authenticity.