The Höfner CS Series of Acoustic Guitars

HA-CS7. HA-CS8. HA-CS28.

The concept for the CS series was to create an “old style” acoustic reminiscent of those guitars played in the 1920s and 30s but with all the benefits of modern construction methods, cutting edge pre-amp and excellent playability.

The key requirements for the series were:

  • Strong sound projection
  • High volume when played acoustically
  • Vintage pre-war style
  • Excellent pre-amp with no openings in the body sides
  • Nut width and fingerboard comfortable for both classical and electric guitarists

Hofner HA-CS7 guitar  Hofner HA-CS7 guitar

Höfner HA-CS7 acoustic.

Over two years of research and development went into the making of the series with numerous tests of bracing systems that allowed the top to resonate to its fullest potential while remaining strong enough to support the tension of steel strings. We also experimented with varying nut widths and fingerboards to achieve a guitar that would feel comfortable for those who normally play a classical guitar or an electric guitar.

We tested many pre-amp systems in order to find one that delivered excellent sound and did not require any opening to be made in the body sides to hold the battery and control panel.

Hofner HA-CS8 guitar   Hofner HA-CS8 guitar

Hofner HA-CS8 acoustic.

The Master luthiers in the Höfner workshops, drawing on generations of experience, were able to achieve an excellence of design with this new series. Careful selection of wood, the use of special natural oils, resins and wax to finish the guitar and a newly developed bracing system brings you an outstanding instrument. The sound is rich in colour, powerful, dynamic and yet with old school charm. Thanks to the sound, the warm look and feel, the artisanal surface and ergonomics of neck and fingerboard these guitars feel like best friends from the first moment on.

All of the series are hand built in our workshops in Germany to the highest quality standard. All models are without an CITES restrictions.

Hofner HA-CS28 guitar   Hofner HA-CS28 guitar

Höfner HA-CS28 acoustic.

Having read this you might think that these models are going to be very expensive, but we hope to surprise you by saying prices are around €800 - €1000. *

* (Prices refer to likely “street prices” for models CS7, CS8 and CS28.)