Master series HM65-Z-CE

Product number: HM65-Z-CE
EAN: 4250358601985
Hofner Master Guitar HM65-Z-CE



Flag Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany by our master luthiers, the HM65-Z-CE is an excellent guitar at the entry level to the Höfner Master Series. It features superior build quality and craftsmanship at an unbeatable price. The cutaway version in this range, it is distinguished by its easy access to even the highest end of the fingerboard as well as the professional Höfner pickup system that employs the award-winning battery-free Mi-Si® preamp. A solid mahogany body and a solid cedar top give a warm and balanced tone. The cedar top in particular was specially selected for its percussive mid-range qualities and its warm and glowing tone, as well as explosive dynamics. The matt finish lends a stylish aspect to the instrument’s appearance, as well as aiding the sustained response and great dynamics.

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Instrument: Classical Guitar  
Model: HM65-(F) (Z) (Z-CE)  
Category Term Description
Body Shape Classical guitar (Z-CE advanced classic cutaway)
  Wood Top Solid spruce AA+ (Z&Z-CE Solid cedar AA+)
  Soundhole  85mm diameter
  Bracing Advanced Hofner (Z-CE "Fusion" special bracing)
  Wood Back Solid Mahogany
  Wood Sides Solid Mahogany
  Binding Top Beech
  Binding Back Beech
  Purfling top w-b
  Purfling back 0
  Purfling sides 0
Neck Wood Mahogany
  Reinforcement Rosewood
  Headstock Shape Hofner
  Decoration of headstock Standard Hofner
  Faceplate Mahogany / maple
  Rear headplate 0
  Heel Cap Mahogany
Fingerboard Wood Rosewood
  Scale 650mm
  Nut Width 50mm
  Width At 12th fret 61mm
  Side Dots fret 5 / 7 / 9
  Number Of Frets 19
Bridge Material / type Rosewood, bone insert
  Bridge saddle Bone
Finish Top matt
  Body matt open porous
  Neck matt
Hardware Tuners 3 in line, gold, ebonized buttons
  Nut Material Bone
  Pickup Höfner Active
  Electrics Mi-Si + Höfner Ω, incl. Preamp charger
  Strings Höfner Premium strings
Setup Action E6 @ 12th fret 4mm
  Action e1 @ 12thfret 3mm
All Specifications subject to change  


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