Product number: HA-MS87-GL-0
EAN: 4250358624748
Hofner Acoustic Steel String Guitar - Model HA-MS87-GL-0



Flag Handmade in Germany

For the master model of our steel string guitar series, we have developed our own body shape with a special focus on our European guitar building tradition. The design of the HA-MS-87-GL is sophisticated and tasteful, the craftsmanship masterful. Eye and ear are enchanted by the combination of handpicked solid tonewoods: top made of finest alpine spruce, body made of walnut, the two piece back is “bookmatched”. The maple neck has a contrasting walnut reinforcement and smoked oak is used for the fingerboard and bridge. The Höfner Green Line finish perfectly highlights the selected tonewoods of the HA-MS87-GL, allows the whole instrument to resonate freely and provides a smooth, velvety playability of the neck. The active Mi-Si® pickup system can be integrated on request. Hiscox case included.



Instrument: Steelstring Guitar / Stahlsaitengitarre
Model: HA-MS87-GL
Category Term Description Beschreibung Part No.
Body Shape Hofner non cutaway

Non cutaway

  Wood Top Solid spruce AAA Fichte Ia  
  Soundhole  85mm Ø   0
  Bracing Hofner asymmetrical Höfner asymmetrisch  
  Wood Back Walnut Walnuss  
  Wood Sides Walnut Walnuss  
  Binding Top Maple Ahorn   
  Binding Back Maple Ahorn  
  Purfling top s  
  Purfling back b-w w-s  
  Purfling sides w-b w  
Neck Wood Maple Riegelahorn  
  Reinforcement Walnut  Nussbaum  
  Headstock Shape Hofner slotted Steelstring     
  Decoration of headstock      
  Faceplate Smoked Oak Geräucherte Eiche  
  Rear headplate 0 0  
  Heel Cap Walnut Walnuss  
Fingerboard Wood Smoked Oak Geräucherte Eiche  
  Scale 650mm  
  Nut Width 45 mm  
  Width At 14th fret 55mm  
  Side Dots fret 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 12  
  Number Of Frets 21  
Bridge Material / type Smoked Oak Geräucherte Eiche  
  Bridge saddle Bone compensated Knochen kompensiert  
Finish Top Green Line FInish Green Line Finish  
  Body Green Line Finish Green Line Finish  
  Neck Green Line Finish Green Line Finish  
Hardware Tuners Single nickel plated
Bass: 1:20 - Treble: 1:24
Einzel vernickelt
Bass: 1:20 - Diskant: 1:24
  Nut Material graphtech® NuBone graphtech® NuBone  
  Pickup -  
  Electrics -  
  Strings Höfner HAS-SET+  
Setup Action E6 @ 14th fret 2.5mm  
  Action e1 @ 14th fret 2mm  
All Specifications subject to change

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