Classic series | Unbeatable handmade guitars

Flag Made in Germany

Our Classic series of classical guitars are all handmade in our workshops in Bavaria. We have produced classical guitars since 1930 and much of our production has always been aimed at students. We have a wealth of experience in quality handmade guitars that do not cost a fortune. The Classic series uses quality woods. The tops are solid spruce, or solid cedar for those who prefer a brighter tone. Every guitar is inspected, tested, tuned and set up by us before it is packed for shipment. We are proud of our Classic series and we know you will be proud to own one.

Unbeatable value

Prices for the Classic series start at about €400 or less, which some find hard to believe for a handcrafted German product. But it is true! For the beginner learning the classical guitar and for the advancing student this series is ideal – a German-made quality instrument without breaking the bank. Why buy anything else when you can have a handmade German-built guitar at such a great price?