Hofner Acoustic HA-CS7 - Classic Steel String

Product number: HA-CS7
EAN: 4250358618952
Hofner Acoustic Classic Steel String Guitar - Model CS7



Flag Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany from the finest materials, this outstanding acoustic steel string guitar offers a full sound with a strong presence. A meticulous selection of wood as well as a newly developed bracing system gives the CS7 its wonderfully rich and dynamic sound. Techniques and recipes from the art of violin making are used to refine the surface with natural oils, resins and waxes. The result is an artisanal finish with the look and feel of an instrument that has been played for decades. 

Part of the Green Line series of environmentally responsible guitars, the CS7 is completely compliant with CITES regulations and, like all the guitars in the series, has received outstanding test reports for sound quality and handling. 

The Mi-Si® active pickup system is discreetly fitted inside the body without any opening in the sides to preserve the subtle and natural aesthetics. Charging the condenser for just 60 seconds supplies you with up to 16 hours of playing time. Mi-Si® allows us to avoid an environmental impact caused by the use of batteries or accumulators while the built in Piezo provides a detailed and authentic sound reproduction.

This successful collaboration enables us to build eco-friendly, quality guitars for your enjoyment.

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MiSi small

This quality, handmade model is completely compliant with CITES regulations and is an instrument of superior tonal qualities.



Instrument: Steelstring Guitar / Stahlsaitengitarre
Model: HA-CS7
Category Term Description Beschreibung
Body Shape Hofner classic Großes Klassikmodell
Wood Top Solid  spruce AA Massive Fichte II
Soundhole  85mm Ø  
Bracing Hofner asymmetrical Höfner asymmetrisch
Wood Back Spalted maple Kern-Ahorn
Wood Sides Spalted maple Kern-Ahorn
Binding Top Black Synthetic Kunststoff schwarz
Binding Back Black Synthetic Kunststoff schwarz
Purfling top b-w w-s
Purfling back 0 0
Purfling sides 0 0
Neck Wood Alder Erle
Reinforcement Maple Ahorn
Headstock Shape Hofner slotted Steelstring   
Decoration of headstock    
Faceplate Black Poplar / Maple Schwarzpappel / Ahorn
Rear headplate 0 0
Heel Cap Alder Erle
Fingerboard Wood Smoked Oak Räucher-Eiche
Scale 650mm
Nut Width 45 mm
Width At 14th fret 55mm
Side Dots fret 5 / 7 / 9 / 12
Number Of Frets 21
Bridge Material / type Smoked Oak Räucher-Eiche
Bridge saddle Compensated Kompensiert
Finish Top Natural resins / wax Naturharz / Wachs
Body Nitro satin Nitro satin
Neck matt matt
Hardware Tuners 3 in line gunmetal, ebonized buttons 3R / 3L gunmetal, schwarze Griffe
Nut Material NuBone NuBone
Pickup Höfner active
Electrics Mi-Si + Höfner Ω, incl. Preamp charger
Strings HAS-SET+
Setup Action E6 @ 14th fret 2.5mm
Action e1 @ 14th fret 2mm
All Specifications subject to change

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