Verythin | The world's thinnest semi-acoustic!


Born in 1960 the Verithin guitar was developed to appeal to the many beat groups that were appearing across Europe as Rock 'N Roll took the imagination of youngsters everywhere. It was created to give the player a lightweight stylish guitar with an ultra thin body (just 1.25 inches) no deeper than the average solid body guitar while still providing the tone of a semi-acoustic. Hollow bodied, with twin pickups it soon became a favourite of bands in Europe. Original models were finished in a dark sunburst and were fitted with the Höfner control panel but this style soon gave way to the famous cherry red finish and 4 rotary controls. Verithin was the model name used only in the UK, in the rest of Europe it was the 4574 model. Many variants were produced over the years incuding a bass version. Today there are several models of the Verythin available including the bass. The model name was changed from Verithin to Verythin in the 2000s.

Playing a Verythin

The original concept of a lightweight semi-acoustic for a wide range of user styles still holds good today. The thin body makes it one of the most comfortable guitars in its class to play but at the same time the Verythin offers a huge range of tones making it one of the best all round instruments available. You can take it from jazz all the way through to over-driven rock. The vintage shallow profile neck and comfortable body make playing a Verythin a joy, something every guitarist should experience.