Hofner FX Pedals

The Höfner FX Pedals.

The original design concept for the range of Höfner handmade boutique FX pedals specified the following:

  • Only the best quality components to be used
  • All pedals to use a large strong metal case
  • Uniquely tuned to capture classic FX tones
  • Each model to have a unique graphic design
  • All pedals to not only perfom well sonically but to look beautiful
  • Easy to use with only necessary straightforward controls
  • An overall concept of style, sound and quality unmatched in any other pedal


We teamed up with legendary FX circuit designer Albert Kasleder to bring this design concept to life as we knew that he was fully capable of delivering the best FX pedals to us. Albert is not just a super electronics wizard, he is also a very talented bass player and so has a good understanding of what is needed for a player in terms of sound and usability.



Designer and builder of the Höfner FX pedal range, Albert Kasleder.

All of our FX pedals are individually hand wired and assembled by Albert in his workshop in Budpaest, Hungary.


The Höfner FX pedal range now consists of 8 pedals, 3 for bass and 5 for guitar. Each model is a classic, designed for a single purpose and delivers the sound you are looking for. It was always our aim to produce straightforward easy to use pedals with only those controls needed to achieve the desired sound.  We know that there are pedals in the market with a plethora of controls, switches and stomp buttons, capable, apparently, of producing a a myriad range of sounds, but perhaps not always easy to understand or use, or capable of delivering truly vintage perfect sounds. Such pedals, we feel, will always offer only a compromise in sound and may, in the end, leave you bewidered trying to set them up. Our pedals are simple, perfect, beautiful and really do deliver the sound you are seeking without hours of setting up.


The current range is:

  • Sound of the 60s. A pedal specially designed for Höfner it gives you classic spring reverb plus the ability to bring in bright shimmering highs reminiscent of those 60s guitar sounds played on classic models including 12 strings.
  • Tremaluxe. A classic tremolo pedal.
  • Twin Overdrive. With  circuits A and B you can set 2 levels of overdrive and easily swith between either or simply go to true bypass.
  • Treble Boost. This is the classic 60s treble boost sound, an extremely versatile pedal that lets you quickly and easily obtain a wide range of boosted sounds.
  • Time and Again. An easy to use analog delay pedal with perfect output.
  • Hold on Tight. Bass Overdrive. Bass guitarist are often overlooked when it comes to FX pedals. This pedal offers bass players a subtle overdriven sound.
  • Germanium Bass Fuzz. An absolute classic, this pedal delvers a smooth fuzz sound without any chain saw shriek!
  • Press to Compress. Bass Compressor. A great pedal for the bassist, letting you create a warmer deeper and rounded bass sound when needed.

All of the Höfner FX pedals are true bypass. 


"Sound of the 60s" FX pedal.