Höfner Merchandise

Want a stylish Höfner T-shirt? A mug for your coffee? Fridge magnet to brighten up your kitchen?

Höfner, in association with The Cavern Club Liverpool, offers a range of merchandise that you can easily order on-line for fast delivery to you. The most famous club in the World, The Cavern Club, was of course the place where The Beatles began their career, playing there 292 times until their final performance in 1963. 

Höfner     The Cavern 


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(Please note that you will be redirected to the website of The Cavern Club to place your order. All orders are processed by and made with Cavern City Tours.)

Höfner Cavern t-shirt            Höfner-Cavern T-shirt. 

Höfner Cavern Mug    Höfner-Cavern black mug.

Höfner Cavern fridge magnet   Höfner-Cavern Fridge Magent