Gold Label

Just launched - the new Gold Label guitar and bass range...

Hofner Gold Label Guitars are single instruments or very small runs of high quality instruments handmade in Germany by our master luthiers.

They feature individual finishes and attractive high quality hardware, and all are made from selected tone-woods from our own air dried stock. Our guitars and basses are built upon a heritage of design and craftsmanship that reaches back more than 80 years. Most of our Gold Label guitars are direct descendants of the original models that were so brilliantly conceived by Walter Höfner in the 1950s. His understanding of scale and symmetry that produced some of the most outstandingly well-proportioned guitars ever made continues with us today at Höfner. In order to clearly identify these special guitars and basses they will in future be seen as the Gold Label line, giving users a more concise and clearer view of what is available or can be ordered from the Höfner workshops.

Gold Label instruments are supplied with a special Gold Label body label, certificate, Höfner owner’s booklet, Höfner strap and Höfner Collectors Cards. They can easily be identified by the new Gold Label swing tags attached to the headstock. They will be available to order through the Höfner dealer network and can be viewed and tried at selected Höfner dealers.

Featuring exciting new colours and finishes together with specially chosen components Gold Label guitars and basses offer serious players and collectors, seeking something individual and different, the opportunity to order a quality instrument from a world renowned company with over 125 years of experience building stringed instruments.

The Gold Label line can now be seen on the Höfner website at:


where visitors can see examples of the guitars and basses. Some are in stock to order for immediate delivery.

Hofner Gold Label

Hofner Gold Label Guitar

Hofner Gold Label Guitar