Miriam Spranger

German singer/songwriter.

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Instruments: Acoustic Guitars




Miriam's "Between the lines" was her first studio album and was released in 2010. Three years later she published her second album "Striptease of the soul". All of the 12 songs on the album were recorded, single-handedly, in her in-house sound studio.

From 2009 until 2011 Miriam was singer with Europe's most booked Johnny Cash tribute band "Bandana - Sound of Johnny Cash". After leaving the band Miriam concentrated on her solo career and has several thousands of fans on YouTube and other platforms and performs concerts all over Germany.

Miriam has performed on stage with GDR rock legend Dirk Zöllner, supported the rock band Jennifer Rostock and is even a familiar face for chanson singer Annett Louisan.

Miriam's new album "Real" was released on September 23rd 2016.

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