Narrower neck classical guitar

The prototype guitar for a proposed new classical model has just been completed. Designed with a shallower body depth and a narrow 48mm neck it is aimed at acoustic/electric players and those with smaller hands.

Hofner Classical Guitar

This prototype classical guitar is aimed at those who would like to play a classical but find the usual dimensions simply too big.

A standard Höfner classical has a nut width of 52mm which can seem very wide and difficult to manage if you have previouly played an electric guitar which will have a much narrower neck. Additionally there are many who have smaller hands and they too find it hard to cope with the standard classical nut width.

Höfner has, therefore produced 4 prototypes with narrower necks. Here you see one of the four. This has a 48mm nut width and also has a body depth 30% shallower than normal to help improve the overall "feel" of the guitar. We have asked a number of people to test the guitar, all of whom do not play classical but rather electric or acoustic. We also asked some players with smaller hands to try it out. The feedback was very positive, especially from those who had once tried a classical but felt that they would never cope with it.

We are also very pleased with the tone this unusual guitar is capable of delvering. There were concerns that the reduced body depth and smaller overall mass would inhibit the voice of the guitar but this has proved not to be the case. We are pleased that the bass end in particular has retained a very good response with pleasing bright highs from the treble end as well. The overall attack is quicker than you might expect from a normal classical guitar.

Cedar top, solid mahogany sides and back, mahogany neck with a rosewood finger board, cherry binding.

Hofner Classical Guitar Hofner Classical Guitar

Hofner Classical Guitar

Here on the left our HM65E model, standard size classical and on the right the new prototype with the 30% shallower body.