Sophie van Schaik

Live, session and studio bass player.


Instrument: 500/1 Violin Bass


Sophie van Schaik is an accomplished live, session and studio bass player from The Netherlands. Her new signature sound comes from her use of a V62 Hofner bass, well known as Paul McCartney’s preferred instrument. Sophie has always been inspired by Paul McCartney.

Sophie is a member of the pop band Ape Not Mice. She is also a member of the sixties/seventies Evergreen cover band Kissin The Girl.

Sophie has recently toured with singer- songwriter Krystl, and has played with other famous Dutch singers and songwriters like Lisa Lois and Eefje de Visser.

Sophie’s talents include singing backing vocals and her work has been heard in many different live settings like festivals and clubs as well as on national radio and television. She can also be heard in her active role as a studio bass player on many of the EPs and albums recorded at the Moon Music Studio.  She studied bass guitar (pop music) at the Rock Academy and also did one year of a mastership in jazz at the conservatory of Maastricht.