Who's Panda

A complete Rock 'n' Roll experience.


Instrument: Ignition Violin Bass


A group of foreign tastemakers, taking a primal sonic journey through what the masses will only understand as a supernova-like experience or happening", that's how Elliot Hammond (Wolfmother/The Delta Riggs) describes the young Swiss Rock band "WHO'S PANDA". Four guys kicking asses for the masses. If Led Zeppelin had kids which have been raised in the 70s, skipped the 80s, took a short breath in the 90s and swimming right over to the 00s and been growing up with these decade's stars like Arctic Monkeys or Kings Of Leon, about then you can describe the sound of one of the wildest Swiss bands around. With an extra portion of authenticity by being not only stylish but also wild and alive on any stage, it's a complete Rock 'n' Roll experience package you'll get for sure.

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