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Each year we produce a small number of rather special guitars and basses. These are handmade in our workshops in Germany. 

Production runs are very small, usually 6 to 10 instruments. Created using selected tonewoods, they are built to the highest standards. 

Hofner 500/5 Reeperbahn Bass

 The Höfner H500/5 "Reeperbahn" bass. A reproduction of the 500/5 bass as produced in 1959.

Hofner Vintage Single Pickup bass

The Höfner H500/1 Vintage Single Pickup, inspired by a bass made in 1957.

Hofner 500/18 bass

The Hofner H500/18 bass. A new thinline bass with a 17" wide body.

You can order a Premium Guitar from any Höfner dealer. There are though some principal Premium Guitar dealers who regularly carry stock and have exceptional product knowledge. If you are interested in a Premium Guitar or Bass consider contacting the dealers below.



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